Solaris Home Systems

We make all homes smarter and add a sense of modernity to them

We Make {Homes|Houses} Environmentally Smarter

{Homes|Houses|Residences} {built|developed|constructed} the Solaris {way|method} embody {the latest|the most recent|the current} {construction|building|building and construction} {techniques|methods|strategies} and {materials|products}. The {homes|houses} are {highly|extremely} {hurricane|typhoon|cyclone} resistant, termite proof, energy-efficient, and {comfortable|comfy}
We Make {Homes|Houses|Residences} {Environmentally|Ecologically} Smarter
Whether it is your {home or office|office or home}, Solaris Systems can design, {install|set up}, and {integrate|incorporate} {environmentally friendly|eco-friendly}, energy-efficient systems. {Some of|A few of} those services:

Control Systems and Automation (lighting, {HVAC|HEATING AND COOLING|A/C}, irrigation, security).
{Computers|Computer systems} and Networking.
Electrical services and {Solar Power|Solar energy} system {installation|setup}.

Solar Hot Water – One {solar collector|solar panel} {mounted|installed} on the {roof|roofing system|roofing}, in {conjunction|combination} with {a special|an unique} {highly|extremely} insulated hot-water tank, will provide over 90% of the hot water needs for {a family|a household} of {four|4}.

{Solar Power|Solar energy} – The {easiest|simplest|most convenient} “set it and forget it” {method|technique|approach} is a direct grid-tied solar PV system. This ties into the electrical grid with a two-way meter. Under {normal|typical|regular} conditions, you {use|utilize} the {electricity|electrical power|electrical energy} you {generate|produce} {first|initially} and {automatically|immediately|instantly} {buy from|purchase from} the grid-like normal the rest. When the sun is out and you aren’t {using|utilizing} {a lot of|a great deal of} {electricity|electrical power|electrical energy}, your excess {electricity|electrical power|electrical energy} is {sold|offered} back to the grid, which {shows up|appears} as a credit on your {electric|electrical} {bill|expense|costs}. If you want, a battery backup system can be {installed|set up} along-side your PV system to {act as|serve as|function as} a backup should the grid power ever {go out|head out}.

” Smart” {Home|House} Automation – Do you {know|understand} {exactly|precisely} how green your {home|house} is being at any moment in time? Our system shows you on a wall-mounted touch-screen. Dials {display|show} in real-time {how much|just how much} {electricity|electrical power|electrical energy} your {house|home} is {using|utilizing} and {how much|just how much} its PV system is {generating|producing|creating}, {as well as|in addition to|along with} how hot the water in your water tank is versus the water {currently|presently} being {heated up|warmed up} by the {solar collector|solar battery}. Water {usage|use} is tracked, so you can see {how many|the number of} gallons of water were {used|utilized} today, {yesterday|the other day}; what this monthly average is compared to last months. {Sensors|Sensing units} in all the doors and windows will {warn|caution|alert} you if they are left open too long with the {AC|Air Conditioning|A/C|Air Conditioner} on (not to mention point out {good|great|excellent} integration into our security system). One page {contains|includes} your {home|house}’s {floor plan|layout}, and shows which lights and ceiling fans are on, and which {doors and windows|windows and doors} are open ({great|fantastic|terrific|excellent} to {know|understand} before {going to bed|going to sleep}), {etc|and so on}

About us

Company {Mission|Objective}. Solaris Home System’s {mission|objective} is to offer {home|house} technologies that {allow|enable|permit} today’s {modern|contemporary|modern-day} {family|household} to {easily|quickly} {personalize|customize|individualize} the {comfort|convenience} of their {homes|houses}, while {reducing|decreasing|minimizing|lowering} {utility|energy} {bills|expenses|costs} and {protecting|safeguarding|securing} the environment.

For us, the {sum|amount} of multiple parts is {greater|higher} than the whole. {Over the years|Throughout the years|For many years}, our company has researched how {multiple|several|numerous} {components|elements} can be {integrated|incorporated} together with {a computer|a computer system} {backbone|foundation} to make {an even more|a much more|a a lot more} {powerful|effective} system. Our core {competency|proficiency} {lies in|depends on} {home|house} automation systems and in {environmentally friendly|eco-friendly} lighting, control, and building solutions. {Look at|Take a look at} our Solaris Homes page {for more information|to learn more|to find out more|for more details|for additional information}.
{Founded|Established} in Jupiter, Florida by entrepreneur Tom Pirelli, Solaris Home Systems represents a new {breed|type} of smart {home|house} {service provider|provider|company}: Environmental {Home|House} Automation (EHA). {Combining|Integrating} {home|house} automation with {the use of|using} {renewable energy|renewable resource} technology, Solaris Home Systems {puts together|assembles|creates} hi-tech {home|house} {packages|bundles|plans} with all the {elements|aspects|components} for low-impact living, energy {efficiency|effectiveness|performance}, {durability|resilience|sturdiness}, indoor air quality, waste management, and water {conservation|preservation}.
With their patent-pending “EMA” (Environment Management and Automation) computer system, a Solaris {home|house} {enables|allows|makes it possible for} {homeowners|property owners|house owners} to {engage in|participate in|take part in} an energy-efficient and earth-friendly {lifestyle|way of life}. EMA {continuously|constantly|continually} {monitors|keeps track of|keeps an eye on} {how much|just how much} energy {home|house} occupants are {using|utilizing} at any given time. Solaris “smart homes” {use|utilize} a network {backbone|foundation} to {monitor|keep track of|keep an eye on} energy {use|usage} through occupancy {sensors|sensing units} which {control|manage} lighting, {automatically|immediately|instantly} {turn off|shut off|switch off} vents, fans and lights, monitor water {usage|use} and {present|provide} the eco-statistics through the {home owner|homeowner|property owner}’s {computer|computer system}. EMA {provides|offers} {environmental|ecological} awareness by {automatically|immediately|instantly} {adjusting to|adapting to} {homeowner|property owner|house owner} {lifestyles|way of lives} and {correcting|fixing|remedying} for natural human oversights. {Simply put|Basically|Put simply}, a Solaris Home System does the “energy thinking” for the {family|household}. Solaris Home Systems {offers|provides} {innovative|ingenious} energy-efficient and clean-tech solutions to both new and existing {homeowners|property owners|house owners}.


Electrical & Solar.
Our company is {licensed|certified|accredited} and {insured|guaranteed} for electrical and solar PV work. Call us for:.
Service Calls.
New {Construction|Building|Building and construction}.
Green Living.
Solar PV: You {live in|reside in} the {Sunshine|Sunlight} state, so why not {help reduce|help in reducing} your {strain|stress|pressure} on the {electric|electrical} grid by {generating|producing} some of your {electricity|electrical power|electrical energy}?
Whether you just {want to|wish to} offset your electrical {bill|expense|costs} or live {completely|totally|entirely} off-grid, we can design and {install|set up} the system that will {meet|satisfy|fulfill} your needs. This can {optionally|additionally} be {tied|connected} into the {Home|House} Control & Automation {package|bundle|plan} to view on the touchscreen, in real-time, {how much|just how much} {electricity|electrical power|electrical energy} you are {generating|producing} and {consuming|taking in}.
All our systems {are applicable|apply} for the Federal Tax Credit ($ 2000), and the State of Florida’s rebate program ($ 4 per DC watt {generated|produced|created}, $20,000 {maximum|optimum}).

Solar Hot Water: {A solar collector|A solar panel} {heats up|warms up} water and returns it to {a highly|an extremely} insulated hot-water tank. Unless there are {a lot of|a great deal of} cloudy days in a row, your hot-water {heater|heating unit|heating system} almost {never|never ever} {has to|needs to} turn on.

Energy Audit: We’ll {evaluate|assess|examine} your {home|house}’s lighting needs, and quote replacement Compact Fluorescent & LED bulbs, {fixture|component}, and {installation|setup} {fees|charges|costs}.

Water {Usage|Use}: An optional {component|element|part} of the {Home|House} Control & Automation {package|bundle|plan}, this will let you {view|see} {statistics|stats|data} of your water {usage|use} by day, month, and average. This can {also|likewise} {alert|notify|inform|signal} you if there is water being {used|utilized} (leaked) while you are away.

Away Mode: An included {component|element|part} of the {Home|House} Automation & Control {package|bundle|plan} that {provides|offers} a one-button {method|technique|approach} of {turning off|shutting off|switching off} all lights, {lowering|reducing|decreasing} all blinds, raising the thermostat, and setting the security system as you leave {the house|your home|your house} ({assuming|presuming} all the {relevant|appropriate|pertinent} {packages|bundles|plans} are {installed|set up} in the {home|house}). The home-owner can {easily|quickly} set this mode to {turn off|shut off|switch off} {automatically|immediately|instantly} after a set amount of time (to return the {home|house} to its {original|initial} {temperature|temperature level} settings before you walk in the door).

{Home|House} Automation & Security.
Lighting System:. Rows of {standard|basic} light switches get {replaced|changed} with easy-to-read back-lit buttons. In addition to controlling lights, these buttons can {also|likewise} be set up to control scenes or other {devices|gadgets} around {the house|your home|your house} (e.g., {home|house} theater, {sprinkler system|lawn sprinkler}, security check, turning all lights off in {the house|your home|your house} with one button push while on your way out, {etc.|and so on}; some control features {may|might} {require|need} the {Home|House} Control & Automation {Package|Bundle}).
Window Blinds Control:. {A perfect|An ideal|A best} tie-in to your Lighting System, or your {Home|House} Control & Automation {package|bundle|plan}, this will {allow|enable|permit} you to raise & lower your window blinds {automatically|instantly}, through scenes, or through button {pushes|presses}.

Security & Announcements:. Magnetic {sensors|sensing units} in all {doors and windows|windows and doors} are {tied|connected} back to a central system, letting the {homeowner|property owner|house owner} {know|understand} whenever anything is opened or left open. A whole-house announcement system is {used|utilized} to {convey|communicate} status messages (e.g., “{Someone|Somebody} is at the Front Door”, Security Checks, {Pool|Swimming pool} Water {temperature|temperature level}, {etc.|and so on}), alarms, and {intruder|trespasser|burglar} {alerts|notifies|informs|signals}. This {package|bundle|plan} works {seamlessly|perfectly|effortlessly|flawlessly} with the Away Mode, and will call your cell-phone {in the event|in case} of {a break-in|a burglary}.
Access Control:. {Do away with|Eliminate|Get rid of} keys! Our Access Control system {replaces|changes} your doors with electronic locks, so that you can enter your {house|home} with either a PIN, or {a wireless|a cordless} RFID keychain fob. With the {Home|House} Control & Automation system, you can {easily|quickly} enable/disable {people|individuals}’s codes (e.g., the {Pool|Swimming pool} Cleaner), as well as get {a daily|an everyday|a day-to-day} log e-mailed to you showing you who and when {people|individuals} entered your {house|home}.

Thermostat Control:. An optional {component|element|part} of the {Home|House} Control & Automation system that {gives|provides|offers} you control (manually & through automation) of your {HVAC|HEATING AND COOLING|A/C} system through touchscreen, voice, or web.
{Home|House} Control & Automation:. A centralized control {unit|system} {ties|connects} into any Smart {Home|House} {Package|Bundle|Plan} you {may|might} {purchase|buy|acquire}, {providing|offering} {home|house} control through touchscreens and/or voice commands.
{Computers|Computer systems}, Networking, IT.
How We {Help|Assist} Protect Your {Data|Information}.
Our backup {solutions|services|options} {involve|include} {determining|identifying} what files {are important|are essential|are very important|are necessary} to you, how {frequently|often|regularly} you want them backed up, and {how many|the number of} backup sets you {want to|wish to} keep.
{First|Initially}, {determining|identifying|figuring out} the files that {should|ought to|must|need to} be backed up. This {usually|typically|normally|generally} {involves|includes} all of your {documents|files} in the My {Documents|Files} folder, images from your digital {camera|camera|cam|camera}, and {possibly|potentially|perhaps} {hundreds of|numerous} other files {scattered|spread} around your hard-drive such as your {tax return|income tax return}, your {purchased|bought|acquired} iTunes music, your e-mail archive, your {Internet|Web} Favorites, {etc|and so on}
. Second, how {often|frequently} should each {type of|kind of} file be backed up? {For example|For instance}, your {documents|files} 3 times a week, your music and {pictures|photos|images} once a week, and you taxes one-time only.
{Finally|Lastly}, the backup sets that are produced are just ZIP files. This lets you {go back|return} and {look at|take a look at} older {versions|variations} of you files, which can be {very|extremely|really} {handy|useful|helpful|convenient} if you{‘ve| have actually} made {an accidental|an unintentional|an unexpected} {revision|modification} to {a document|a file} or an image.
Have IT needs, but {don’t|do not} need a full-time IT {staff|personnel}? We {might|may} be the {perfect|ideal|best} {fit for|suitable for} your Home-Office & Small-Office needs.
{Standard|Requirement} Consulting & Service Call {fees|charges|costs} – {Tell|Inform} us what you need, and we’ll provide you {a free|a totally free|a complimentary} quote on the {solution|service}. Our {standard|basic} rate is $80/hr.
Hourly Block rates – If you have {fairly|relatively} {consistent|constant} IT needs, then {purchasing|buying|acquiring} our services ahead of time can save you money, and make invoicing {easier|simpler|much easier}.

Give us a call if you have other backup or storage needs– {maybe|perhaps|possibly} you need RAID {solutions|services|options}, or have {many|numerous|lots of} Gigs of {data|information}– and we’ll give you {a free|a totally free|a complimentary} {estimate|quote|price quote} on {a solution|a service}.

Encrypted Wireless set-up ($ 120) Wireless AP.

Want the {freedom|flexibility|liberty} of accessing the {Internet|Web} without wires, with the {peace of mind|assurance|comfort} that what you’re {sending out|sending} over the air can’t be seen by “eavesdroppers”? We’ll configure your Wireless router or Access Point with {encryption|file encryption}, and set up your {computer|computer system} to communicate with it.
We’ll {configure|set up} any {additional|extra} {wireless|cordless} {devices|gadgets} you have for $35 each.

{Don’t|Do not} have the hardware to go wireless? Let us know, and we’ll quote you on hardware {prices|costs|rates} that we can {set up|establish} for you {right away|immediately|right now}.