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We make all Dean Park homes smarter and add a sense of modernity to them

We Make Houses in Dean Park Environmentally Smarter

solar panels Dean ParkHomes constructed the Solaris method embody the latest building and construction strategies and products. The homes are highly hurricane resistant, termite proof, energy-efficient, and comfy

We are based in Dean Park. servicing Glendenning, Colebee, Quakers Hill, Woodcroft, Doonside, Marayong, Kings Park, Schofields, Bungarribee, Acacia Gardens.

We Make Homes Ecologically Smarter.
Whether it is your office or home, Solaris Systems can design, install, and integrate eco-friendly, energy-efficient systems. A few of those services:

Control Systems and Automation (lighting, A/C, irrigation, security).

Computers and Networking.

Electrical services and Solar energy system setup.

Solar Hot Water – One solar collector mounted on the roofing system, in combination with an unique highly insulated hot-water tank, will provide over 90% of the hot water needs for a household of four.

Solar energy – The most convenient “set it and forget it” technique is a direct grid-tied solar PV system. This ties into the electrical grid with a two-way meter. Under normal conditions, you use the electrical energy you produce initially and immediately buy from the grid-like normal the rest. When the sun is out and you aren’t utilizing a great deal of electrical energy, your excess electrical energy is sold back to the grid, which shows up as a credit on your electrical bill. If you want, a battery backup system can be set up along-side your PV system to serve as a backup should the grid power ever head out.

” Smart” Home Automation – Do you understand exactly how green your home is being at any moment in time? Our system shows you on a wall-mounted touch-screen. Dials show in real-time just how much electrical energy your home is utilizing and just how much its PV system is producing, in addition to how hot the water in your water tank is versus the water currently being heated up by the solar collector. Water use is tracked, so you can see how many gallons of water were used today, yesterday; what this monthly average is compared to last months. Sensing units in all the doors and windows will caution you if they are left open too long with the Air Conditioner on (not to mention point out good integration into our security system). One page contains your home’s floor plan, and shows which lights and ceiling fans are on, and which doors and windows are open (excellent to understand before going to bed), etc

About us

Company Objective. Solaris Home System’s mission is to offer home technologies that enable today’s modern-day household to easily customize the comfort of their homes, while lowering energy expenses and safeguarding the environment.

Dean Park solar panels


For us, the sum of multiple parts is higher than the whole. Throughout the years, our company has researched how numerous components can be integrated together with a computer backbone to make a a lot more powerful system. Our core competency lies in home automation systems and in eco-friendly lighting, control, and building solutions. Take a look at our Solaris Homes page to find out more.

Founded in Jupiter, Florida by entrepreneur Tom Pirelli, Solaris Home Systems represents a new breed of smart home service provider: Environmental Home Automation (EHA). Integrating home automation with using renewable resource technology, Solaris Home Systems assembles hi-tech home packages with all the elements for low-impact living, energy efficiency, resilience, indoor air quality, waste management, and water conservation.

With their patent-pending “EMA” (Environment Management and Automation) computer system, a Solaris home allows property owners to engage in an energy-efficient and earth-friendly lifestyle. EMA continually monitors just how much energy home occupants are utilizing at any given time. Solaris “smart homes” use a network backbone to monitor energy usage through occupancy sensors which manage lighting, immediately switch off vents, fans and lights, monitor water use and provide the eco-statistics through the property owner’s computer system. EMA offers environmental awareness by immediately adjusting to homeowner lifestyles and fixing for natural human oversights. Basically, a Solaris Home System does the “energy thinking” for the household. Solaris Home Systems provides ingenious energy-efficient and clean-tech solutions to both new and existing property owners.


Electrical & Solar. Our company is accredited and guaranteed for electrical and solar PV work. emergency electrician Dean Park Call us for:. Service Calls. Remodeling. New Construction. Green Living. Solar PV: You live in the Sunlight state, so why not help reduce your pressure on the electrical grid by generating some of your electrical energy? Whether you just want to offset your electrical bill or live totally off-grid, we can design and install the system that will satisfy your needs. This can optionally be tied into the Home Control & Automation package to view on the touchscreen, in real-time, just how much electrical energy you are generating and taking in. All our systems apply for the Federal Tax Credit ($ 2000), and the State of Florida’s rebate program ($ 4 per DC watt generated, $20,000 maximum). Solar Hot Water: solar hot water in Dean ParkA solar panel heats up water and returns it to a highly insulated hot-water tank. Unless there are a great deal of cloudy days in a row, your hot-water heating system almost never needs to turn on. Energy Audit: We’ll evaluate your home’s lighting needs, and quote replacement Compact Fluorescent & LED bulbs, component, and setup charges. Other solar panel installers in Dean Park Water Usage: An optional part of the Home Control & Automation package, this will let you view statistics of your water use by day, month, and average. This can also alert you if there is water being used (leaked) while you are away. Away Mode: An included part of the Home Automation & Control package that offers a one-button technique of shutting off all lights, reducing all blinds, raising the thermostat, and setting the security system as you leave your house (assuming all the appropriate packages are set up in the home). The home-owner can easily set this mode to switch off immediately after a set amount of time (to return the home to its initial temperature level settings before you walk in the door). Home Automation & Security. Lighting System:. Rows of basic light switches get changed with easy-to-read back-lit buttons. In addition to controlling lights, these buttons can also be set up to control scenes or other gadgets around your house (e.g., home theater, sprinkler system, security check, turning all lights off in your house with one button push while on your way out, and so on; some control features might require the Home Control & Automation Package). Window Blinds Control:. A perfect tie-in to your Lighting System, or your Home Control & Automation package, this will enable you to raise & lower your window blinds instantly, through scenes, or through button presses. Security & Announcements:. Magnetic sensors in all doors and windows are tied back to a central system, letting the homeowner understand whenever anything is opened or left open. A whole-house announcement system is used to convey status messages (e.g., “Someone is at the Front Door”, Security Checks, Pool Water temperature level, and so on), alarms, and intruder informs. This package works seamlessly with the Away Mode, and will call your cell-phone in case of a burglary. Access Control:. Do away with keys! Our Access Control system changes your doors with electronic locks, so that you can enter your home with either a PIN, or a cordless RFID keychain fob. With the Home Control & Automation system, you can easily enable/disable people’s codes (e.g., the Pool Cleaner), as well as get a day-to-day log e-mailed to you showing you who and when people entered your home. Thermostat Control:. An optional part of the Home Control & Automation system that provides you control (manually & through automation) of your A/C system through touchscreen, voice, or web. Home Control & Automation:. A centralized control system connects into any Smart Home Package you might acquire, offering home control through touchscreens and/or voice commands. Computers, Networking, IT. How We Help Protect Your Information. security systems Dean ParkOur backup options involve determining what files are necessary to you, how often you want them backed up, and how many backup sets you want to keep. Initially, determining the files that must be backed up. This typically includes all of your files in the My Files folder, images from your digital cam, and possibly numerous other files scattered around your hard-drive such as your income tax return, your acquired iTunes music, your e-mail archive, your Web Favorites, etc . Second, how often should each kind of file be backed up? For example, your files 3 times a week, your music and pictures once a week, and you taxes one-time only. Lastly, the backup sets that are produced are just ZIP files. This lets you return and take a look at older versions of you files, which can be very handy if you‘ve made an unintentional modification to a document or an image. Have IT needs, but do not need a full-time IT personnel? We might be the perfect suitable for your Home-Office & Small-Office needs. Standard Consulting & Service Call charges – Tell us what you need, and we’ll provide you a totally free quote on the solution. Our basic rate is $80/hr. Hourly Block rates – If you have relatively constant IT needs, then purchasing our services ahead of time can save you money, and make invoicing simpler. Give us a call if you have other backup or storage needs– perhaps you need RAID options, or have lots of Gigs of information– and we’ll give you a totally free price quote on a service. Encrypted Wireless set-up ($ 120) Wireless AP. Want the freedom of accessing the Web without wires, with the comfort that what you’re sending out over the air can’t be seen by “eavesdroppers”? We’ll configure your Wireless router or Access Point with file encryption, and set up your computer system to communicate with it. We’ll set up any extra cordless gadgets you have for $35 each. Do not have the hardware to go wireless? Let us know, and we’ll quote you on hardware rates that we can set up for you right now. For more information about Dean Park, NSW